How to Remove Price Tags or Stickers from Items

You just bought a new gift for a friend, but you can’t get the price tag off. We’ve all been through this, whether it’s a bumper sticker or a barcode on a book, but with these tricks, you’ll be removing those stubborn stickers in no time.

Metal, Plastic, or Wood

The main problem with that sticky residue is knowing what cleaning substances to use without damaging the surface. A simple trick that avoids harsh chemicals is to soak the area of the sticker in vegetable oil for a few hours. After soaking, use a hair dryer on a warm setting to soften the glue. The residue should wipe clean off. If not, continue to scrub with hot soapy water to loosen the adhesive.


Remember that sticker you put on your car in college because thought it was cool? Or maybe that time your kids got a little carried away on the sticker coloring book? Here is a simple yet effective way to keep those windows clean and sticker-free. Get the area wet with a damp cloth or spray bottle, then cover the residue with nail polish remover. Rub the glue and the rest should come right off. Finish this up by doing a hot water scrub to remove any excess.

With these cheap and simple steps, your surfaces will be smoother than before. Now no more stress when you can’t get a price tag off, or don’t want that bumper sticker anymore.

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